Long Lake Estates is located in one of Shreveport’s most popular and beautiful areas, one that feels rural but is actually right in town. As its name gives away, this neighborhood is built around Long Lake, a man-made lake that offers beautiful views to the waterfront real estate of the neighborhood.

 Long Lake real estate is upscale, typically ranging from around $350,000 to near $1 million, with the average price being about $500,000. But the price matches the beauty, grandeur, and square footage that Long Lake homes have to offer. The majority of these homes were built in the 1990s, but some are more recent, having been built in the past decade.
Another neighborhood on the lake is Lakeside at Long Lake, a 180-acre neighborhood. Lakeside real estate is on a smaller scale concerning square footage but the houses are just as beautiful as Long Lake Estates. The prices on these homes vary in between around $600,000 and $300,000, the average almost $500,000 also. Lakeside real estate also tends to be newer than many homes in Long Lake Estates, having several homes built in recent years.
But what both neighborhoods have in common that most Shreveport real estate cannot boast is having access to a more private lake. Although not near the size of Cross Lake or Wallace Lake, fishing is still a viable option for Long Lake, and though no motorized boats are allowed, there are boating launches available for those homeowners interested in using a row boat or canoe.
Both Lakeside and Long Lake Estates have close access to 3132, I-49, and Youree Drive, and are within close proximity to shopping and dining at Provenance’s Windrush Village Marketplace. All in all, these two beautiful neighborhoods—Long Lake Estates and Lakeside at Long Lake—have great things to offer and exemplify one of Shreveport’s more luxurious sides. If you are interested in finding more information about Long Lake Estates real estate or Lakeside real estate, look no further than Holloway Home Group!


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